Investor Day

Investor Day 2019

June 3, 2019


Expansion Strategy and Vision

Peter Holt
President and CEO

Long-term Financial Overview

Jake Singleton

Development Strategy

Eric Simon
VP, Franchise Sales and Development

Real Estate Site Selection and Strategy

Richard Matthews
Director of Real Estate Research

Regional Developer Experience

David Glover
Texas Regional Developer

Marketing and Patient Acquisition

Jason Greenwood
VP of Marketing

DC Recruitment and Compliance

Amy Karroum
VP of Human Resources

Dr. Steve Knauf
Director of Chiropractic & Compliance

Franchisee Experience

Teresa DiGiuseppe
Multi-Unit Franchisee

Operations Overview

Jorge Armenteros
VP of Operations

Information Technology

Manjula Sriram
VP of Information Technology

Wrap up


Peter Holt
President and CEO